Does Your Putting Let You Down?

Putting is the most frustrating part of the game for many golfers. Forty-two percent of your game is putting and when you cannot putt, any change to your putting technique is a potential improvement. Any improvement can boost your confidence and make a huge difference to your score.

The WonderPutter changes the way you putt by providing a revolutionary alternative to the traditional putter stroke.

Putting The WonderPutter Way

Key to the WonderPutter method is the relaxed forward-facing stance.

By directly facing the hole you are able to use both eyes facing directly ahead to read the green to the best possible advantage. The other benefit of facing forward is that only your arms move, eliminating movement in the hips and uncontrolled movement in the hands and wrists (a.k.a. the yips). The WonderPutter stance eliminates many of the frustrating aspects of traditional putting.

The WonderPutter club is specifically designed for making forward-facing putts. It is a mallet-style putter – universally accepted as a club head that is easy for beginners and reliable for experienced golfers. There’s nothing magic about the club. The cast alloy head has a flat machined striking face. The hollow alloy shaft is bonded directly to the head and is engineered to comply with the Rules of Golf, to optimise balance and power in the putt and to facilitate directing the ball along your chosen line of putt from a forward-facing stance.

30 putts per round

The WonderPutter aims to help you reach a target of 30 putts per round which is statistically what you should be aiming for. If you’re making 35 putts or more per round, then the WonderPutter can help you cut at least 5 strokes off. In addition, finishing a hole with a great putt increases your confidence. You will tee off from the next hole confidently and play more effective strokes throughout your game.

Order Now and Start Sinking Those Putts

Order your WonderPutter online today. Pay through super-safe Paypal. Our satisfaction guarantee lets you to use the WonderPutter for a month and satisfy yourself that it can help you achieve your putting dream.
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Wonder from Downunder
The WonderPutter forward facing putting system comprises a purpose-built putter and an easy to learn putting swing that is easy to learn and 100% legal.
WonderPutter Aussie Stance
The Aussie stance is a relaxed way to face the hole, with your feet comfortably and correctly to the side of the line of the stroke.
WonderPutter Aligns Eye, Swing, Ball and Cup
Your eye lines up on the cup and forms a natural point of focus for the line the ball must travel. Your swing is a pendulum motion, a pure two-dimensional arc, not pivoted or connected in anyway.
WonderPutter Technique
Improve your game by reducing your putting strokes. The average player should be able to knock 5 putting strokes off their game with the WonderPutter.