WonderPutter – an Australian revolution in putting

The WonderPutter is the brainchild of Aussie kicking coach Paul Cleeve. Over the years Paul has learnt a lot about the science of biomechanics and the art of applying the brain and the body to achieve consistently accurate and repeatable outcomes.

Back in 1998 Paul applied his knowledge and understanding of human kinetics to the age-old problem of putting. Around 50% of golfers struggle with technique and confidence once they get their ball to the green. The outcome of Paul’s experience and research is the amazing WonderPutter golf club and how to use it for consistently accurate putting.

Traditional putting is complicated

Side-on putting requires you to synchronise many body joints and muscles to move the putter through a compound or multi-axis path to strike a ball along a journey that is at right angles to the direction you are facing. Sounds complicated and in practice it is a difficult process to coordinate. With the WonderPutter, you to face the direction you’re hitting the ball, with your eyes on the hole. Your body is still, comfortable and relaxed. Your arms swing the club in a simple arc. The same easy stance can be repeated time and time again with the only variables being “line” and “strength” of the putt.

As any golfer knows, putting is the most demanding and frustrating part of the game. You’re so close to the pin, yet the ball is far from in the hole. Statistics show that most golfers have least trouble getting the ball onto the green. Putting the ball into the hole is the part of the game that racks up the strokes. It can make or break your enjoyment of the game itself.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. You owe it to yourself to try the WonderPutter and see just how much more effective your putting can be.

Once you’ve mastered the WonderPutter stance, and be warned this might take you five or ten minutes, you can spend the rest of your putting practice honing your eye for the lie of the green and adjusting just how hard to knock the ball for distance and incline.

Improve your game by improving your putting

We talk about 30 putts per round as being the target to aim for. Since our focus is on putters we set our target in the same context, but there is more to it that that. If your putting needs improvement then the WonderPutter will help you on the green. But the benefits extend well beyond the green. When you are putting well you are more relaxed, less tense, more confident. A great putt lets you tee off on the next hole with more confidence and play the game that you want to play and can play with a positive attitude.

One thing is guaranteed. You will master the WonderPutter very quickly and you will take a minimum of 5 strokes off your score – or your money back.

If you putt in the traditional style and are already playing 30 putts or less per round, then you are already putting well and WonderPutter will not deliver you the same benefits it would a golfer with more room for improvement.

Yes – WonderPutter is legal

The WonderPutter is 100% legal and 100% compliant with the rules of golf as proscribed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and Golf Australia (GA).

For further discussion on this aspect refer to our blog post Proposed Changes to the Rules of Golf.

WonderPutter putterWonderPutter aussie stanceWonderPutter methodWonderPutter technique
Wonder from Downunder
The WonderPutter forward facing putting system comprises a purpose-built putter and an easy to learn putting swing that is easy to learn and 100% legal.
WonderPutter Aussie Stance
The Aussie stance is a relaxed way to face the hole, with your feet comfortably and correctly to the side of the line of the stroke.
WonderPutter Aligns Eye, Swing, Ball and Cup
Your eye lines up on the cup and forms a natural point of focus for the line the ball must travel. Your swing is a pendulum motion, a pure two-dimensional arc, not pivoted or connected in anyway.
WonderPutter Technique
Improve your game by reducing your putting strokes. The average player should be able to knock 5 putting strokes off their game with the WonderPutter.