Want to putt accurately and consistently using your traditional putter?

WonderPutter Golf Club

Paul Cleeve says many golfers can easily improve their traditional putting performance with a few simple tips to get started with and drills to practise. It does take effort and it does take time. It also takes knowledge of what to do and this ebook gives you the key steps to take and practise to improve your putting.

Paul has released a brand new guide to putting with a traditional putter.

This 10 step guide to accurate putting is a fast, low cost way to get your putting on track and set you up for continuous improvement on the green.

  • Know your putter – locate its sweet spot and learn how to line it up with the ball
  • Setting up your line of putt
  • Coordinating your body
  • Making the stroke
  • Tips for self training, putting practice, pre-game preparation and reading the green

Buy online for instant delivery and start improving your golf putting within minutes.

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  • Instant PDF download fulfillment. File size 340MB. Electronic download only – no physical component.
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view on your PC. PDF format is viewable on most tablets.

If traditional putting is just not working for you, then the ONLY solution is to try something COMPLETELY different. The WonderPutter is a completely different putting solution that will start your putting off on a completely fresh start.