Proposed Changes to the Rules of Golf

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Changes proposed to the Rules of Golf, specifically Rule 14-1b, by the R & A and the USGA will prohibit the anchoring of the club to any part of the body in making a stroke.

People constantly ask how will this affect the WonderPutter and the SmartPutter.

Quite simply the rule change will make no difference, because the WonderPutter and the SmartPutter do not, and never have, relied on anchoring the putter to make the stroke.

The perception of many people is that all forward facing putters are in some way affected by the rule change. The only clubs affected are those that are used with an action that anchors, connects or pivots the club from a fixed position on the body.

Clubs such as belly putters, where the heel of the shaft is anchored in the belly, the broom handle putter, where the heel of the shaft is anchors on the chest or the chin will be affected. Such putters used without anchoring will be compliant.

A cursory look at the WonderPutter and SmartPutter stroke action shows that it is a simple swinging action. The putter is held in the hands and there is no anchor point in any part of the stroke. The clubs are designed specifically for this action in a forward facing stance. That combination is the unique putting proposition that the WonderPutter and SmartPutter have to offer.

Anchoring the club to the belly during a stroke has always been a contentious issue. Although the USGA and R&A for reasons best know to themselves have allowed this action to creep into the game, it was never specifically banned or condoned. Rather the feeling was amongst some that it was against the spirit and tradition of the game.

It looks like tradition and spirit will have the last say in this matter if the proposed change goes ahead and it seems certain that it will.

Check out some more information and opinion on the proposed rule change and satisfy yourself what is in store for golf in the future.

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