What people are saying about the WonderPutter.

I watched my husband 1-putt the first three holes with his WonderPutter and I just had to have one of these clubs. Now I am a proud owner of the Wonder from Downunder. It’s a terrific putter.

Patty Pearce

I get on the green and I just know that I’m going to 1-putt or 2-putt. the WonderPutter is the best thing that has ever happened to my game.

Tammy Miller

I’ve been a yipper for 25 years. I’ve tried everything. I’ve done everything. If this thing doesn’t do it fellows, nothing will.

John Hirsch

I think that in time to come this putter will revolutionise putting.

Bill Pearce

The hardest putt to make is a three-footer on the 18th for all the marbles. Unless you’ve got one of these babies (WonderPutter).

Bob Blazek

This new WonderPutter has really caused quite a stir with all of our members. They really love it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it only takes about five minutes to learn how to use it, which kinda cuts into our lesson time.

Glenn Lee

Golf Pro - The Hills Country Club

The WonderPutter has taken six strokes off my game.

Mark Bronson

The WonderPutter is a great putter it has a wonderful feel. It is easy to line up, it is very comfortable to set up too. It just has a real good feel.

Sally Sykes

What I noticed with the WonderPutter is that the natural underhand action that propels the ball toward the hole is almost like picking the ball up and actually rolling it toward the hole.

Larry Johnson

This is one of the easiest putter that I think that you’ll ever use. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, it is a natural extension of your arm.

Joy Levy