WonderPutter Frequently Asked Questions

Putting Questions

How will the WonderPutter help me?
What kind of club is the WonderPutter?
Can the shaft length be altered?
Can I use the Wonderputter club with a traditional stance?
Which is better, Aussie or American stance?
Why does the WonderPutter require a special stance anyway?
How should I decide whether to choose a right (natural) or left (goofy) stance club?
Can I test out the WonderPutter?
Is the WonderPutter legal?
Is the WonderPutter some kind of hybrid belly putter or broomstick putter?
I've seen a new version WonderPutter advertised online with an insert on the striking face. Can I order that model?

Sales Questions

How do I purchase the WonderPutter?
Your prices are in Australian dollars. How is the exchange rate managed?
Can I pay with a credit card?
Will I get shipment tracking details for my WonderPutter?
Why do shipping costs seem to be high?
I have damaged my WonderPutter. How can I get it repaired?
Q: How do I make a warranty claim?