Putt the easy way. Face the hole and sink the putt.

That’s what the WonderPutter is all about – slashing the number of putts you make on the green, improving your score card and enjoying more golf.

The WonderPutter uses a unique forward facing putting action that simplifies the swing, improves confidence and is compliant with the rules and spirit of golf.

The WonderPutter action requires a special putter, the WonderPutter, which is designed specifically for use with the forward-facing action, crafted to maximise your potential when putting and to facilitate good, repeatable body movements.

Golfers frustrated with their traditional putting performance get a brand new start using the WonderPutter. Take the time to learn WonderPutter fundamentals from the instructions included with your WonderPutter and fast track your putting to new levels of success.

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WonderPutterWonderPutter aussie stanceWonderPutter putterWonderPutter putter
WonderPutter face on
Using the forward-facing WonderPutter Original with the Aussie stance.
WonderPutter Aussie stance right view
Paul lining up the ball with the WonderPutter Original in the Aussie stance viewed from the right.
WonderPutter Aussie stance left view
Paul about to make a shot with the WonderPutter Original in the Aussie stance viewed from the forward left.
WonderPutter from above
Lining up the WonderPutter for a gentle straight stroke into the cup.